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Coming from a meeting of more than 20 years, DevXpress was born in 2022 following a common sharing of passion for the possibilities of digital in order to create an innovative web agency. With our varied expertise and a common vision , we founded our company with the aim of making the web accessible to everyone.

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Our main objective is to offer creative and tailor-made digital solutions, meeting the specific needs of each client. Driven by our desire to innovate and push the boundaries of technology, we are committed to offering high quality services , combining technical skills and artistic flair. Through our company, we aspire to shape the future of the web, helping businesses and individuals succeed in an increasingly connected world.

Our evolution

Since its founding, our web agency has traveled an exciting path, punctuated by enriching learning and flourishing relationships across Quebec and everywhere else in the world. Over the years, we have consolidated our technical expertise and refined our sense of creativity, which has allowed us to offer ever more innovative digital solutions adapted to the changing needs of our customers.

Today, we are proud to see how far we have come since our humble beginnings. Our company continues to grow and evolve, fueled by our commitment to excellence and our passion for innovation. We look forward to continuing our journey, to strengthen our relationships with the community and to contribute to the continued development of the digital landscape in Quebec and everywhere else in the world.


“I am absolutely delighted with my collaboration with DevXpress. Their team is competent and creative, and was able to respond to All my expectations for my online project. Communication was excellent throughout the process and I was impressed with their ability to understand my needs and translate them into a website that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional. I unreservedly recommend this web agency for all your online projects.”
Olivier Beauchamps
“Excellent Service. Very competent people, a pleasure to work with them.”
Yannick Kongue
“Thanks to the professionalism of Devxpress, the project went well and I am more than satisfied with the result, frankly top notch! You can trust them with your eyes closed!”
Rym Bourezg
“I have worked with DevXpress for several of my online projects and am always impressed with their level of quality and professionalism. They listen to my needs and provide me with creative solutions for improve my website. The project implementation was quick and efficient, and the end result is fantastic.”
Samuel Tremblay