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Keyword analysis

Research and selection of keywords relevant to your industry, taking into account your search volume and your competition.

Content Optimization

Reviewing and improving existing content on your site to include targeted keywords in a natural and relevant way. This may include adding new pages, updating outdated content, and optimizing HTML tags (titles, meta-descriptions, etc.).

Technical optimization

Technical site audit to identify and fix issues that could affect SEO, such as missing tags, broken links, slow loading speed, URL structure, etc.

Backlinking strategy

Developing a strategy to obtain quality inbound links from other relevant and authoritative websites. This may include tactics such as creating guest content, participating in forums, partnering with other sites , etc.

Local optimization

If you operate locally, optimizing for local searches is essential. This involves creating and updating a Google My Business page, optimizing local business listings, collecting customer reviews, etc.

Analysis and monitoring

Implementation of analysis tools (such as Google Analytics) to monitor website performance, organic traffic, conversions, etc. This makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of the strategies put in place and to make adjustments if necessary.

Competitive monitoring

Monitor competitor SEO activities to identify opportunities and emerging trends in the field.

By combining these different aspects of SEO optimization, it is possible to significantly improve the visibility and online presence of a website, which can lead to an increase in organic traffic and conversions.