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12 Feb 2024
Groupe Progakis, providing turnkey and guaranteed services for your outdoor projects, partnered with our web agency to redesign their website. Their company offers a comprehensive range of services, leveraging their expertise and unique know-how to ensure client peace of mind. They wanted an online presence that showcases their ability to handle all aspects of outdoor projects, from planning to execution.

Groupe Progakis, specializing in turnkey services for outdoor projects, engaged our agency to redesign their website. The company, known for its expertise and unique know-how, provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure total client satisfaction. They required a website that clearly demonstrates their ability to handle all aspects of outdoor projects, from planning through execution. The goal was to develop an online presence that reflects their competence and reliability while offering an optimal user experience.

The new website designed for Groupe Progakis has beautifully met all the set objectives. It effectively showcases their expertise in managing complete outdoor projects, highlighting their ability to provide turnkey services. The modernization of their online presence has not only strengthened their professional image but also enhanced the accessibility and comprehension of their service offerings. Current and potential clients can now easily navigate the site, allowing them a better understanding of the range of services offered and the quality guaranteed by Groupe Progakis.

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