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23 Apr 2024
Mercier Sealer, a company specialized in residential and commercial asphalt sealing, turned to our web agency to modernize its online presence and attract new clients. Their goal was to highlight their expertise, quality of service, and commitment to customer satisfaction through a professional and informative website. They also aimed to streamline the online quote request process for potential clients.

Our mandate was therefore to design and develop a user-friendly website, showcasing Mercier Sealer's services while providing an intuitive platform for visitors interested in obtaining a free estimate for their asphalt sealing projects.

The collaboration with our web agency has been an exceptional experience for Mercier Sealer. They are fully satisfied with the final result, which faithfully reflects their expertise, quality of service, and commitment to customer satisfaction. The new professional and informative website has allowed the company to better communicate its values and expertise to a wider audience, generating increased interest from potential clients. In particular, the ease of use of the online quote request process has been praised, simplifying the journey for clients seeking residential and commercial asphalt sealing services. In summary, this collaboration has been a success both in terms of web design and customer satisfaction for Mercier Sealer.

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